"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Our Story

From the moment man had graced the earth with his presence, he has been constantly bombarded with obstacles and challenges seemingly set in place to stunt his growth, to hinder his evolution. With every great trial presented to man came an even greater urge to overcome. Hardwired into our being is an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, a bottomless pit of curiosity. The need to know, the need to triumph, and the need to make better are all fundamental in what has placed human kind at the top of the figurative pyramid of life.

We here at Educ8 are believers in man’s hardwired desire to learn. However, we feel the cultural focus, as of late, has been on matters not necessarily ideal for the continued success of our species. We managed to go from admiring the people who were brave enough to think they could, and did change the world, to idolizing individuals for scandal and outlandish behavior.

Educ8 believes that this isn’t all our youth was meant for. We believe that the youth have an unquantifiable amount of potential. Every single individual has within them the ability to accomplish miraculous deeds if only they find the need to tap into the well of potential. In order to do this, the focus need only be directed to former instances of greatness. We will not have the ability to change the world less we know what it takes to change the world. To change the course of the future, we must remember the actions our predecessors took in accomplishing their undertakings.

With each “lesson”, Educ8 will bring to light the exploits of past idols in hopes of inspiring future greats. Using art to stimulate learning, we hope to inspire the youth to not only do better, but be better. We aim to help the youth address real issues and enact schemes to advance the human race. By taking a page from the legends of the past, we are able to strive for greater, be greater. We must…LEARN FROM THE PAST, BE THE FUTURE!


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