Women's Thinking Tee

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Women's Thinking Tee

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In the early 1800s, Humphry Davy built one of the first electrically powered lamps. The arc light was made by charging two charcoal sticks, placed 4 inches apart, with a 2000-cell battery. The light produced was said to be brighter than 1,000 candles, didn’t last very long, and deemed impractical for daily use. For decades, the progression from gas powered to electrical lighting proved a tough endeavor for numerous scientists and inventors. It is said that 23 versions of the incandescent bulb existed before one became applicable for commercial use. In 1879, Thomas Edison and his Muckers worked tirelessly to improve upon older designs of the bulb. By providing a better vacuum sealed bulb, the carbonized thread, acting as the filament, allowed electrical current to pass through and heat it without burning out. After thousands of experiments, Edison and his team discovered that by using bamboo filament, they could create a bulb that lasted 1,200 hours instead of the previous 13. Edison conducted his first large scale test in 1882 when he lit 25 buildings within NYC’s financial district. The rest, they say, is history.

The significance of the humble bulb is two-fold. It represents both illumination and innovation. By observing the trials and tribulations of past inventors, Edison improved upon preceding designs, allowing him to create the basis for electrical lighting like we know today. Light grants us the ability to remove shadow and brighten darkness. It allows us to see what might otherwise elude us. Light has an unprecedented ability to revitalize and renew. Edison realized the power of light and its significance for growth and progress. He recognized that light is imperative to the fostering of ideas and concepts. Lastly, Edison knew, light had to be shared. So, allow the light to envelope you. Let its power remove all shadow and doubt. Allow the glow to reveal your path to greatness. Illuminate and radiate! Let there be light!

  • Women
  • Black with Yellow Bulb
  • 100% Cotton
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