Women's Abraham Lincoln


Women's Abraham Lincoln

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Many things could be said of the honest 6’ 4”, feline obsessed, axe wielding “Great Emancipator”.  One thing is for certain, Abraham “Don’t Call Me Abe” Lincoln had valor, steadfastness, and a “you mad bro?” attitude coursing through his veins. Born without a middle name on February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln was no stranger to struggle. Majority of his youth was spent on the farm, helping provide a stable life for his family. In a time where education was viewed as a luxury, Lincoln only had about a year of formal schooling. His early adult years were spent doing manual labor, working as a surveyor, a shopkeeper, a postmaster, and running a general store. It was during this time that he honed his social skills and talents as an orator. Talents that would later come in handy when delivering heart-stirring and timeless speeches like the Gettysburg Address and House Divided.

Following the Black Hawk War, Lincoln was elected as a member of the Whig Party for the state legislature, allowing him to form the foundation for many of his political views and ideologies. It was during this time of political discovery that he decided to practice law. Self-taught, he passed the state of Illinois bar exam in 1836. An illustration of his abilities as a knight of justice presented itself when he got a man acquitted for murder by citing the light of the moon as defense. Ultimately, Lincoln’s principles, tenacity, and relentless drive would allow him to ascend to the most treasured position within the United States. As the 16th POTUS, Abraham awe-inspiringly preserved the Union, freed slaves from the bondage of servitude, and even had time to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday. There’s no way of knowing what Lincoln might’ve accomplished had he not met an untimely death at the hands of John Wilkes Booth.

While we will never know what could have been, we are eternally grateful for what was. Abraham Lincoln altered the course of American history, solidifying his post as champion of the people. Abraham’s exploits continue to inspire generations, his memory solidified in nineteen feet of sculpted marble. And although we, unlike President Lincoln, may never be destined for bearded greatness or stovetop hat holiness, we will never stop trying!


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