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Women's SmArTi PaNTs

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On July 4, 1054, ancient Chinese astronomers observed what they called a Guest Star. For two years, that star appeared near the Taurus constellation and shined so bright it was visible in daylight. Today we know that Guest Star was the occurrence of a Supernova, and the remnants of that particular supernova is what we now call the Crab Nebula.

A supernova is the most explosive event that can occur in the universe. It is the last evolutionary stage of a massive star as it runs out of nuclear fuel. The core of the star collapses, releasing material and debris into space. Within the cloud of gas, dust, and debris, are elements. Elements are substances that cannot be separated or broken down into simpler substances that singly, or in combination, constitute all matter. Many of the more than 100 known chemical elements exist in stars, and upon explosion, go on to form new stars, planets, and everything else in the universe. The idea that all matter contains elements force us to question what we are made of. It forces us to break ourselves down to the essentials, till we, like elements, cannot be broken down any further. It allows us to find out what makes us extraordinary, to discover what makes us unique. When you understand you were celestially cultivated, that you bloom from the seeds of stars, and that you are divinely nurtured, you will grasp how infinitely special you truly are. So what are you so afraid of? No more excuses. You are born of the heavens. You’re stardust babe! DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHINE!


  • Womens
  • 50% Poly 25% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton 25% Rayon
  • Vintage Black with White Ink
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